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Tal National

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 8pm

Lumber Yard, 213 E. Dallas

Free and Open to the Community


A night of music and dance at the Lumber Yard with Tal National. Through Tal National's joyously hypnotic, highly unique contribution to West African guitar music with lightning-fast rhythms and a rotating cast of vocalists, the history of Niger can be heard as a cultural crossroads along ancient trade routes.


Tal National is a band from Niamey, the capital city of Niger, West Africa's largest nation (and one of the world's poorest). Although they are hugely popular in their homeland where their music is heavily featured on Niger national TV, they can still be found selling their CDs on roundabouts in Niamey, since the country has no distribution system. 


Special thanks to Ross Cashiola, Rob Crowley, Rob Gungor, Gory Smelley, Simone Rubi, Tim Johnson, Bridget Weiss, Glen and Leana Clifton, and Cory Van Dyke. 





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