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Photo by Stephanie Huang



June 3-6, 2019 

Marfa ISD / J.E. Gregg Auditorium
Marfa, TX


For the seventh year in a row Marfa Live Arts taught Marfa ISD’s Camp Summer Shake-Up. Our 2019 program was an interactive and adventurous workshop taught by actor, artist and educator Rae Anna Hample with the support of the Marfa Live Arts team. Hample will lead 25-30, 3rd through 8th grade students, through a series of theater and live performance exercises focused around developing stage presence, understanding/developing performance storytelling, and improvised acting techniques.


On the final day of camp a culminating performance was presented to the public to showcase what the students have learned.


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Rae Red (Rae Anna Hample) Rae Hample (Rae Red) is a multi-media artist, who lived and worked in Marfa, Texas for three and a half years as an arts educator and performance artist with Chinati Foundation and Marfa Studio of Art. Hample is currently working on their MFA at Towson University in Baltimore, with a focus on theater and performance. Hample combines personal narrative, environmental justice, shadow puppetry, animation, and live singing to create jubilant performances. The work is playful and often explores what it means to transform. Through performances across the United States Rae Red investigates topics that unite viewers by exposing commonalities while examining the disparate facets within them. They have presented their work in every type of space imaginable from dive bars, and the backs of donut shops to The Museum of Human Achievement, High Concept Labs, and The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. 


Marfa Live Arts and Theater Camp at Camp Summer Shake-Up are generously supported by the Permian Basin Area Foundation, Still Water Foundation Fund of Permian Basin Area Foundation, Marfa Education Foundation and Texas Women for the Arts. Education programs organized with the collaboration of Marfa Live Arts’ Director Jennie Lyn Hamilton and Marfa Independent School District’s Superintendent Oscar Aguero and Community Outreach Coordinator Ann Marie Nafziger. Special thanks to JD DiFabbio, camp organizer and Marfa Live Arts Deputy Director. Media support from Big Bend Sentinel.


Permian Basin Foundation
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