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Summer Shake Up

June 8-11th, 2015

Crowley Theater


For the third year in a row Marfa Live Arts taught Acting and Theater last week as part of MISD’s Camp Summer Shake-Up 2015.  Over the course of a week, twenty-two participating 5th through 8th graders fine-tuned their acting skills and became familiar with the Crowley Theater during an extensive pirate-themed workshop. Actors engaged in activities such as Meisner Technique exercises, vocal warm-up & body movement, script reading, improvisational work, character study and auditions. Technical director of the Crowley Theater, Rob Crowley also gave sound and lighting tutorials to the kids. Additionally, to help with understanding how the theater works behind-the-scenes, students toured the theater and learned theatrical stage directions and their meaning.


On the final day of camp, student actors presented a demonstration of the exercises they had been working on, as well as a short performance of six pirate skits they had created with their peers. The audience consisted of friends, family and camp goers from other Camp Shake-Up programs. The skits presented were created on the first day of camp, and after a few days of refining their skits (via group critique and incorporation of new skills from ongoing exercises), actors produced a well-improved version of their original concept. The final performances showcased how much the kids had learned. The pirate theme was fun for all and Marfa Live Arts looks forward to presenting a full production using characters created during this workshop in a full length pirate play later this Fall.


Marfa Live Arts would like to thank those that made Camp Summer-Shake Up possible including: MISD, Andrew Peters, Meghan Gerety, Oscar Aguero, Tim Crowley, Rob Crowley, Brown Foundation, Permian Basin Area Foundation, Anonymous, Chinati Foundation, Ann-Marie Nafzinger, Michael Roch, Anna-Rose MacArthur, JD DiFabbio and Cate Schrim. 


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