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Thursday, March 8, 2018 
The Lumberyard
7:30pm (Doors open at 7pm)

On Thursday, March 8th, Marfa Live Arts with CineMarfa and The Lumberyard presented Same Same But Different a film by Moisés González and Deryle Perryman. The screening was at The Lumberyard in the Adobe Room, 201 E. Dallas Street, Marfa.

Same Same But Different is a film about the goodness of humans, the grace of forgiveness and the power of redemption. According to Counter Punch, “For those who want to get an idea of what a real American hero is about, this 54-minute documentary is the best place to start. It allows Vietnam War veterans to describe their experiences as foreign invaders committed to Cold War verities and then being transformed into opponents of the war.” This film is an honest and unsentimental account of both the grief of war and the peace that is possible through good work, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

Over a five-year period, filmmakers Moisés González and Deryle Perryman made multiple trips to Vietnam.  Perryman, an Army veteran, broke bread with former enemies, soldiers from Battalion 209 and People’s Army of Vietnam. The film shows the men laugh and embrace one another, saying, “Thank you for not killing me!”  Like so many other kids of his generation, Perryman thought he was doing his duty.

Both directors were in attendance for the screening with a Q & A after the film. Veterans please joins us.


Special thanks to Cory Van Dyke, Ronnie Johnson, and Virginia Lieberman. In-kind support provided by Thunderbird Hotel.

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