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Capri Event Space

603 West San Antonio Street

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doors 7.30pm Performance 8pm

Free and open to the community



For New York-based artist Suzanne Bocanegra, cloth has always had the power to elicit powerful memories. It was a modest scrap of Danish peasant fabric that Bocanegra saw in a historic farmhouse that first motivated her to learn to weave. Rerememberer used the weaving instructions for an antique Danish peasant fabric, a three-shaft structure called olmerdug, as the template for a theatrical performance and installation with weaver Karen Crenshaw, of Austin and Marfa, TX on an amplified loom as its centerpiece. Danish musicians Frode Andersen and Ejnar Kanding completed the ensemble. The artists were supported locally by fifty adventurously amateur violinists from the Marfa community who learned to play specifically for this event under the direction of Todd Reynolds a composer and violin virtuoso.




































Suzanne Bocanegra, Artist

Todd Reynolds, Conductor

Frode Anderson, Accordian

Ejnar Kanding, DJ (Sound Weaver)

Karen Crenshaw, Weaver


Jennie Lyn Hamilton, Marfa Live Arts, Executive Director

JD DiFabbio, Board Member, Event Producer

Bridget Weiss, Board Member, Marfa Table

Rob Crowley, Lighting Design

Kat Rodgers, Lighting Operator 

Gory Smelley, Sound Engineer 

Susa Quinn, MIS Educator, Violin Tuner

Lesley Brown, Marfalite StudiosPhotography

Jessica Lutz, Video Documentation

Hilary duPont, Graphic Design

Delfin & Minerva Lopez, Catering 


COMMUNITY VIOLIN ORCHESTRA Francesca Altamura, Bob Anderson,Vicki Barge, Mary Baxter, Roxanne Bloom, Kristin Bonkemeyer, Camp Bosworth, Mary Boyd, C.Andrew Boyd, Christa Brothers, Neil Chavigny, Shanna Cowell, Megan Dirickson, James Evans, Marco Garcia, Trey Gerfers, Jose Grajeda, King Grossman, Nalu Gruschkus, Suzi Gruschkus, Mahala Guevara, Patrick Horan, Chris Ibarra, Buck Johnston, James Kim, Jana La Brasca, KL Lye,Scott May, Edward McPherson, Yessenia Nava, Susa Quinn, Zeke Raney, Marci Roberts, Liz Rogers, Suzzette Sanchez,Patricio Schmiegelow, Beth Schultz, Micheala Serrano, Susan Simmons, Megan Stratton,Cesar Torres, Sarah M. Vasquez, Kathleen Walstrom, Hester Ann White, and K.Yoland





K. Yoland interview with Suzanne Bocanegra and Karen Crenshaw 

Tom Michael interview with Suzanne Bocanegra and Todd Reynolds 

K. Yoland interview with Frode Anderson and Ejnar Kanding 



Reporter Sarah Vasquez firsthand report on playing the violin in Rerememberer 



Arts + Culture TX



Andrew Peters, Superintendent of Marfa ISD: This type of unparalleled access to working international artists to young people in a rural Texas community is a valued service that Marfa Live Arts provides for our student body and our community as a whole.

Susa Quinn, Educator and Violin Instructor, Marfa International School: The collaboration between Marfa Live Arts and MIS has been a tremendous gift to our school's music program. It has enabled students to experience a broad variety of music and to engage with musicians from all around the world, therefore sharpening their artistic awareness and strengthening their competence in a multicultural world. In addition, the entire MIS community is deeply grateful for Marfa Live Arts jump starting our string program with the donation of violins—this will turn our dream into reality!


Dan Dunlap, City of Marfa Mayor: While we are a rural county, the arts play a central and significant role for this small and remote town of ranchers, artists, border patrol officers, retirees and town folk. For this reason, I support Marfa Live Arts in all their efforts to raise funds and applaud their efforts to improve and expand the offerings to this community.

Mahala Guevara, Community Member: Truly: how often do we, as adults, have the opportunity to do something we're not at all good at in a wildly supportive environment? I've never played a musical instrument in my life but cannot wait to be part of the all-volunteer amateur violin army. My prediction is that this will be wildly fun and an unusual opportunity for uninhibited, collaborative, Real Stuff…
























Rerememberer performance made possible through the generosity of the Danish Composers' Society and SNYK Contemporary Music DK, Texas Commission of the Arts, Louise O'Connor, Anonymous, Jeff Beauchamp, Mary Baxter & Neil Chavigny, Al Davis, Roseland Klein, Kathy McDaniel & Kevin Flynn, Steven Tomlinson & Eugene Sepulveda, Anonymous, Corey Tabaka, Joy Ohara & KL Lye, Kay & David Crum, Michael Maguire, Linda & Don Shafer, Jean Landry & Richard Bullock, Buck Johnston & Camp Bosworth, Bridgett Weiss, Katherine Shaughnessy & Tom Michael, Megan Stratton, and David Dove.


In-kind support by Rob Crowley & Marfa Industries; Jacquline Northcut & Corte del Norte, Marfa, TX; Diane Barnes and Jon Otis & Windmill Retreat, Marfa, TX; Lorri Kershner & L. Kershner Design, Santa Cruz, CA; Thunderbird Hotel & Capri Event Space, Marfa, TX;Treaty Oak Distilling, Austin, TX; Big Bend Brewing Company; and Pueblo Market, Marfa, TX.

Special thanks to Virginia Lebermann; Marfa Public Radio; Big Bend Sentinel; Chinati Foundation, Ballroom Marfa, Maiya’s Restaurant, Marfa National Bank, Marfa Brand, Andrew Peters and Irma Ojeda of Marfa ISD, Mark Brandin of Marfa International School, Paul Dunham, Nicki Ittner, Tina Rose, Dan Shiman, Katie Smither, Claire Taggart, Melissa Catano, and the incredible teams at the Fusebox Festival, Austin, TX and the CounterCurrent Festival, Houston, TX. 


Special thanks to JD DiFabbio, Event Producer; Jessica Allen; Rob Crowley, Lighting Design; Gory Smelley, Sound; Lesley Brown of Marfalite Studios, Photography; Jessica Lutz, Video Documentation; Hilary duPont, Design; Bridget Weiss; Delfin & Minerva Lopez; Marfa Public Radio; Big Bend Sentinel; Betty Grajeda, Thunderbird Hotel, Dan Shiman and the incredible teams at the Fusebox Festival, Austin, TX and the CounterCurrent Festival, Houston, TX. 

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