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with Wayne Hilton

December 5-9, 2016

Marfa Jr High Campus


Marfa Junior High students participated in Marfa Live Arts’ Marfa ISD Monologue Workshop the week of December 5-9, taught during Ms. Lane’s 7th and 8th grade English classes. The winning scenes and monologues came to life and were presented by adult and student actors at the Winter Theater Showcase on Friday, December 9th, at the Crowley Theater. 


The Monologue/Scene workshop teaches students how to write a play in preparation for the high school playwriting workshop that is taught by Marfa Live Arts each spring. In its sixth year, the annual playwriting workshop has resulted in over 400 one-act plays written by Marfa students. 


For next week’s workshop, visiting playwright in residence, Wayne Hilton and Marfa Live Arts director Jennie Lyn Hamilton will coach students through a series of writing exercises to help them find their inner voice and build confidence while learning the structure of creating a play. Dialogues were written, characters will be developed, and imaginations will be unleashed. 


The workshop’s primary goal is to meet the need for exposure to performing arts and literary education for the students of Marfa. Research shows that performing arts programs are linked to higher self-esteem among students, as well as improved cognitive, motor and language skills. This experience allows students to form their own personal ideas and use their imagination to create something special and unique to them. By utilizing their creativity and a “no wrong way” mindset, it enables them to communicate ideas they may not otherwise feel comfortable expressing.


Wayne Hilton is an El Paso native and works with the New Mexico School for the Arts, as the director/designer for the school’s annual ArtSpring production. He is also an award-winning artist who currently has an exhibit at the El Paso Art Museum. 

Wayne Hilton's CV

Listen to Marfa Public Radio’s interview for West Texas Talk hosted by Elise Pepple. Originally broadcast on December 8, 2016.​

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Journal Entry from Clarissa Guevara

Marfa Live Arts and MISD MONOLOGUE & SCENES WORKSHOP is generously supported by the Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation, Kirkpatrick Family Fund , Marfa Education Foundation, and our 2016 Season Sponsors.


In-kind support provided by Hotel Paisano with help from Vicki Barge. Technical support by Rob Crowley. Special thanks to Vicki Barge, Oscar Aguero and Amy Lane of Marfa Independent School District, Peggy O'Brien and Tim Crowley of the Crowley Theater , Elise Pepple of Marfa Public Radio, Cory Van Dyke, Robert Saltonstall, Dan Shiman and Minerva & Delfin Lopez. Graphic design by Melinda Williams.

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