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Lower Left in Marfa

Works in Progress

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dance Performance, Crowley Theater, 7 pm


Secondary Surface Rendered

Friday, August 14 & Saturday 15, 2015

Dance Performance, Crowley Theater 7:30 pm 


Both events were free and open to the community.


Lower Left returned to Marfa this summer. They performed works in progress and an original dance Secondary Surface Rendered.


Secondary Surface Rendered juxtaposes the human form with materials traditionally used in the visual arts, blurring the boundaries between dance and static art forms. Moving away from the constraints of the standard proscenium setting, Lower Left invited the audience to curate its own experience as it follows the action of the performance installations in the Crowley Theater.


Lower Left is dedicated to the spontaneous combustion inherent in the collaborative process, choosing to rely on the combined artistic vitality of its artists rather than the hierarchy of the traditional dance company. Following this collective model, both artistic and organizational aspects are centered around an openness and spontaneity that have become Lower Left’s trademark.


Special thanks to the Crowley Theater and the Permian Basin Area Foundation





Photos by Susan Simmons


Secondary Surface Rendered Part 1                                                                             Secondary Surface Rendered Part 2
























Secondary Surface Rendered Part 2 with Leslie Scates                                               Secondary Surface Rendered Part 3
























Secondary Surface Rendered Part 4




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