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Lower Left Performance Collective


- is a collective of dance and performance artists committed to artistic innovation.

- spans seven cities, three countries, two continents, one earth.

- embraces today’s dance and performance community as a global phenomenon.

- connects virtual and ideological cohorts, providing a web of support for artistic growth and daring.

- artist follows his/her own artistic trajectory while also being invested in ensemble building and collective art-making.


Lower Left Performance Collective is an ensemble of dance artists that is nourished by its connection to the Marfa community. Lower Left is a program of Marfa Live Arts. Lower Left is dedicated to the spontaneous combustion inherent in the collaborative process, choosing to rely on the combined artistic vitality of its artists rather than the hierarchy of the traditional dance company. Following this collective model, both artistic and organizational aspects are centered around an openness and spontaneity that have become Lower Left’s trademark.


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Members of Lower Left visited with Texas Arts+Culture editor in chief Nancy Wozny about the Marfa shows.


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